Square Footage
10,000 SF

Adjaye Associates

East Side Private Residence

Sciame was the Construction Manager responsible for the new 6 story building. The site was previously occupied by a 2 story carriage house. The new building is 7 floors total with 2 levels below grade and 5 above. The house is 10,000 SF and comprises of 6 bedrooms, 7 baths, 2 kitchens, an art gallery and a library along with small offices and dens. The roofs have green features such as long grasses and trees as well as two fountains with infinity edges. The 19th Century Carriage House facade was preserved on the front while everything behind is new construction.

The interior finishes include exposed concrete, drywall, stone, frosted glass, wood paneling, blackened steel, and bronze curtains. The exterior is completely exposed concrete with trapezoid shaped windows.

The structure of the building was constructed with over 1,000 yards of load-bearing concrete walls with steel floor beams. The architect requested that the exterior and many interior walls be exposed and dyed concrete. This resulted in a double wall design with a 2” gap between each interior and exterior wall for insulation. All concrete was dyed black; the dye was added into the concrete batch truck prior to pouring. The exterior and interior walls could not be poured at the same time. The exterior walls are rough while the interior concrete are smooth.