29 East 36th Street


The Morgan Library & Museum

Square Footage
15,000 SF

Beyer Blinder Belle

Architect Conservator
Integrated Conservation Resources (ICR)

Landscape Architect
Todd Longstaffe-Gowan

The Morgan Library & Museum - McKim Building Exterior Restoration & Greenspace

Sciame is the Construction Manager responsible for the exterior restoration of the historic McKim Building at the Morgan Library & Museum. The scope of work includes upgrades to the Greenspace area surrounding the McKim Building.

The exterior restoration of the 1906 McKim Building will require high quality masonry conservation work (cleaning, repairing, etc.). The project also consists of the restoration and masonry work of the building’s exterior loggia steps, retaining wall, sidewalk and fence posts. The bronze fence protecting the building and Greenspace will also be restored. Select demolition will take place for the removal and replacement of the existing roof. Temporary protection, including waterproofing and insulation, will be provided during roofing operations. The protection of the building, building materials and building components will be critical throughout the duration of the project to prevent any damage or staining to the building’s historic and artistic value. Furthermore, from the start of construction through completion, the Morgan Library & Museum will continue their operations uninterrupted.

Improvements to the Greenspace surrounding the McKim building will consist of waterproofing below the new stone and gravel paved areas. In addition, modifications to existing exterior handicapped ramps, including foundation work, irrigation system and water supply, site drainage, new tree pits, new paving and planting, instillation of historic artifacts and new exterior lighting design.

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Video Update: The Perelman Performing Arts Center - December 2021

@rexarchitecture @davisbrodybond @silman.structural @brookfieldproperties @theportauthority_ny_nj @cimolai_group @stonebridgeerectors @jarosbaumbolles @mka_inc @long_island_concrete

📹 : @aaronthompsonphoto

#ronaldoperelmanperformingartscenter #construction #nyc #wtc #menatwork #downtown #wip #jobsite #facade

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